Open and Collaborative

The pressure is on for marketing leaders and event professionals–and we get it.  Our goal is alleviate this pressure by working collaboratively with you, as an extension of your team, to create event strategies that:

  • Encourage bold, innovative thinking
  • Generate actionable plans that reflect company and organization goals
  • Produce measurable results – numbers speaks louder than words!
  • Raise awareness among leadership that events can move the business needle
  • Elevate marketing leaders, their teams and the events they design and deliver

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Our Approach

We’ve found more gets done faster when we combine interactive workshops with two-way, collaborative consulting.

Our in-person workshops, labs and interactive sessions establish open, transparent relationships with our clients and their stakeholders. Ideas emerge, relationships are forged, decisions are made, and progress happens in real-time. Such a beautiful thing!

Left unattended, good ideas slowly fade on the whiteboard. Our work continues long after the workshop ends. We work quickly, and turn revisions around fast, incorporating your input along the way. We push respectfully to get decisions and keep the project on time, while understanding your day-to-day demands. Our goal is to move clients from idea and strategy to action and impact faster.

Looking to elevate your team and your events?

We offer both flexible and turn-key event strategy consulting solutions.

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